My a’th Kar, put simply, is rethinking how people narrate their relationship with land.

My a’th Kar works with different groups in different places, negotiating the intersection between people, poetics, practice and place.

My a’th Kar is exploring aspects of community cohesion through creative practice.

My a’th Kar is putting theory into practice. 


The more we begin to truly hear the world in which we find ourselves, the more the boundaries dissolve and our sense of self expands beyond the limits of our skins. We viscerally relate to the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the words we make and read.

My a’th Kar recognises the essential role that all creative practitioners have in building community. The storytellers, poets, artists and makers, of every delineation help shape the definitions of individual and community.

We are constellations of living and non-living things.